Internet of Things Trebuchet:

Gif of a trebuchet

The IoT trebuchet (codenamed smashmouth for its initial purpose of launching food) is the premier internet controlled siege weapon, and is quite possibly the only siege weapon that also plays All Star by Smash Mouth through a plastic salad bowl. The trebuchet is controlled by a web server written in C and is controlled through a (very ugly) web interface. The web server uses a few cgi scripts for controlling the motors to wind up and release the trebuchet. It also includes a camera to see where you're aiming the trebuchet. Unfortunately this project is not open source (yet), as the web server portion was part of a homework assignment for a class.

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ConTroll (Winner of the 'Hack Harrassment' award at HackHarvard 2016) is a website that allows you to log in with your Twitter account, and will automatically detect malicious or inflammatory tweets and will block the offending user(s). The site uses Flask for the backend, and uses the Microsoft Cognitive Services API and the IBM Alchemy API to determine characteristics of the tweets mentioning you. The project is open source and can be found at:

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Scarlet Alert:

Scarlet Alert is a cyber-security wargame website to host practice challenges for the cyber-security club at BU ( The site hosts challenges for the members of the security club to attempt and allows them to submit 'flags' they get for completing the challenges in exchange for points. The source code is not currently open source, but I plan to open source it when the challenges are all finally set up and the service goes live.

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Loc-Fun is a web app that allows users to locate fun events near them (using the EventBrite API), then provides weather data for the date and location of the event (using the DarkSky API), along with directions to the event (using the Google Maps API). The source code for this project can be found at:

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